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Thông số kỹ thuật :

Kích thước
182 (W) * 126 (L) * 147 (H) mm
Khối lượng  
Khoảng 2.17 Kgs ( bao gồm cả chuyển đổi adapter)
Power Source
AC 100 ~ 240V
Switching Adaptor
DC 15V Switching Adaptor
Applicable Screw
From M1.0 to M5.0
Applicable Screw Length
19mm hoặc ít hơn
Công suất trục vít
200 ~ 220 cc

Bolt chuẩn được sử dụng trong sản phẩm 

  • WIDEST RANGE OF APPLICABLE SCREW SIZED : Between 1.0~5.0mm( Incl, : 1.0mm, 1.2mm,
    1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm, 2.3mm, 2.6mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm & 5.0mm) 11 sizes.

    MAX OF SCREWS LENGTH & HOPPER CAPACITY :Screw Length : Up to 19mm (under screw
    head) Capacity of hopper : 220~220 c.c

    APPLICABILITY OF SPECIAL SCREW TYPES : Screw Length ≥ Thread Diameter (1≥1) Thickness
    of screw head ≥ 0.2mm No jamming or failure occurred with these applicable types
    and affect productivity.

    SIZE OF FEEDING RAIL IS ADJUSTABLE : Feeding rail can be pulled out for width adjusts to the
    applied size easily. Measurements for width adjusting can be in metric or imperial units.

    SAVE PARTS COAST & STOCK : EXR-501 allows adjusting the width of feeding rail to serve 11
    sizes screws, between 1.0mm to 5.0mm diameter. The flexibility prevents dealers from stocking
    up on quantities for different sizes, and reduces the cost on related accessories for users.

    ADJUSTABLE VIBRATION INTENSITY : With vibration in small amplitude at high intensity, it
    moves screws on rail to pick-up point in good order, no overlay or jamming to affect the
    speed of movement and productivity.

    ·Individual drive system for tumbling and vibrating operation.
    ·Setting ideal interval timings freely with no function conflict or failure occurred.
    ·PCB controls for efficiencies of desired speed & timing on each operating step.
    ·Switching adapter allowed AC 100~240V power source for stable DC 15V output no influences
    and problems due to the different AC power source of factories locations.
Dimensions 182(W) ×126(L)×147(H)mm
Weight N.W.:Approx 2.17 Kgs (included Switching)
Power Source AC 100~240V
Switching Adaptor DC 15V Switching Adaptor
Applicable Screw From M1.0 to M5.0
Applicable Screw Length Up to 19mm(under head)
Scooping Chamber Capacity 200~220 cc
Accessories Allen Wrench(L Saped 2.0 × 107mm) × 1 pc
  Switching Adaptor 1 set.
  Accessory(front) (0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5,2.0×70mm) × 1 pc.
  Accessory(behind) (0.2 x 10 x 20 mm) × 2 pcs.
    (0.5 x 10 x 20 mm) × 10 pcs.
  Stopper 2.0~5.0mm × 1 pc.
  Instruction Manual


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